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Have you got a business in Parramatta that needs the services of a credible and ethical SEO agency? have you searched for an SEO agency and just can’t seem to find the right fit? Are you on your second or even third SEO company and your rankings are going no where? Are you fed up with the lies being told you by fast talking SEO sales people who really don’t care about you or your business?

YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER > call us now on 02 9360 1694 and we will turn any past negative SEO experiences around and start to rank your website on Google.

Let’s get your phone ringing TODAY – let’s start generating those new sales leads – let’s start making some real money – let’s stop wasting time with amateur SEO agencies who have no clue about what they are doing – let’s be proactive about getting all those really juicy new sales leads – let’s deal with an SEO agency that CAN DELIVER real results!

SEO Marketing Parramatta is a well known SEO agency that has worked and continues to work with some of Parramatta’s best known companies and brands.

This is because we know what we are doing when it comes to SEO and it shows in the great results we have been able to achieve and maintain for all of our clients.

That’s not to say we only work with household names. We are more than happy to help small businesses and start ups in the Parramatta area grow and become successful online . Our SEO strategy is geared towards helping businesses achieve long term sustainable Google rankings that also deliver a great return on their marketing investment.

We are known for helping businesses get to page 1 of Google for their main keywords in a totally ‘white hat’ compliant manner. So if you are serious about getting on page 1 of Google and want to know how we can help you – please call us today.

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Just because we are a well known SEO agency does not mean that we are unaffordable. You may even get quite a surprise at what we can do for your business and website – please speak to us about our SEO packages and pricing. We like to think that we offer great value for money at very affordable SEO rates.

how long does it take to rank my website?

Most businesses want instant results. I appreciate this and I understand that getting to page 1 on Google is the best way for a business in Parramatta to get new client’s. The issue with fast and very speedy rankings (especially for new websites) is that Google will pick up on any unnatural, fraudulent SEO activity. That is, the over optimisation of link building and penalise the website. This is why our preferred method of implementing SEO is to do things very slowly and organically.

Our motto and core business methodology is to ‘fly extremely low’ under the Google radar and rank your businesses main keywords over an extended period of time. Implementing a SEO campaign in this fashion will mean that your rankings will remain steady with little fluctuations once you are one page 1.

Timings for some websites are quicker than others. Some industries in uncompetitive niches will be easier to rank than businesses in highly sort after areas. Overall, SEO needs to be implemented on a continuous basis and those Parramatta businesses expecting to rank, need to give it a minimum of 3 to 6 months. There are ‘shonky’ SEO companies out there that will promise extremely unrealistic time frames, like getting your main keywords to page 1 within 60-90 days or your money back. This is a trick, a scam and a con to rip you off and tie you into a nasty contract.

local search terms for parramatta

Parramatta is fast as we all know, becoming the NEW financial and commercial hub of Sydney. Real estate prices are continuing to rise, new developments are being built and large multi national firms are heading out West to set up their commercial head quarters. This is why businesses should start looking at securing the ‘long tail’ keywords that have Parramatta as a local search. This is absolute GOLD and will bring in a massive amount of new business for those companies quick enough to understand this. Think about keywords like: doctors Parramatta, lawyers Parramatta, plumbers Parramatta, personal trainers Parrramatta….the list is endless and we can help you secure these TOP MONEY EARNING KEYWORDS.

What’s the next step?

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We never insists that you go on a lengthy contract – we are happy for you to go on a month by month where you pay on performance. This is really the best way as it gives you flexibility and means that we have to perform 110% each month – keeps us on our toes and is much better for your rankings.


We are SEO veterans and have been doing this since SEO was in its infancy. We know the ins and outs of the Google algorithm and are quick to implement any SEO strategy to maintain your current rankings.


You deal with me – I am one of the owners of SEO Marketing Parramatta and will be totally responsible and on hand all the time to work on your SEO – ALL DONE IN HOUSE – NO OUT SOURCING HERE!


You deal with one of the directors of SEO MARKETING and not a suit or account manager – as a small business ourselves we take your SEO extremely seriously and have an extremely hands on approach with all our dealings with you – we are available all the time and we never go missing in action, leave you on hold, loose emails, or ignore messages – you will find our response times absolutely AMAZING.

watch your traffic grow to your website from
day 1 when you start using our seo services

Yes this is absolutely TRUE – From the moment we start on your SEO campaign you are going to see an immediate impact on your web traffic. Why? Cause your rankings are going to start improving – its as simple as that.

Have You Used a Parramatta SEO Company In The PAST and
Extremely Disappointed with the Results?

This is a common occurrence so don’t stress too much – we are here to turn these really poor rankings right around and headed in the other direction. We will conduct a full website audit, highlight any on page issues that need fixing PLUS start to look at your previous back linking campaign and fix any damage that may have been caused. This all happens within the first couple of weeks and by the end of month 1 most of the bad SEO practices that have been implemented in the past should now be fixed.

So if you are a business or company in the Parramatta region and looking to make a success of your website online then PLEASE give us a call – this will be one of the BEST marketing moves you will make – we are seriously one of the best SEO companies around and you will get all the love, care and attention that your SEO marketing deserves when you come on board with us.