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Have you got a business or company and are looking for an SEO agency to help rank your website on Google?

SEO Marketing North Sydney is an established and proven SEO agency that has been helping businesses get to page 1 of the search engines; especially Google since 2005. If you want to start generating more leads & sales from your website then get in touch with us today.

We are happy to work with any sized business, from small start ups right through to the business end of town in Walker, Mount, Miller or Berry Streets. We are here to help your business grow and succeed online through a well thought out, managed and disciplined SEO campaign.

We are not one of those SEO companies (that you can easily find online), that over promise miraculous ranking results, short term quick gains all at bargain basement prices – NO we definitely do not operate like that! We are in fact the complete opposite.

We are one of those SEO agencies you turn to for a long term partnership; one that we can both grow to know each other and where we can both profit. Remember SEO is all about helping you get more business and the better we can help you grow, the better we both are.

the seo online environment is very competitive

Having a business located in North Sydney is competitive. Ideally, you want to capture client’s, inquiries and leads form the Sydney CBD area as well, so you need to be aware that your SEO company must be able to market your business on Google locally as well as Sydney wide. This is why you need to work with an experienced and professional team like SEO Marketing North Sydney.

We are able to look at all your main keywords and rank them organically for the North Sydney region as well as greater Sydney.

north sydney businesses wanting SEO be warned!

There are a lot of companies out there trying to pass themselves off as credible search engine suppliers. This is a trap and this is why you have to be acutely aware of the lies and spin often sold to you when looking for a SEO supplier.


  • Never go with an agency that does not have their own office. It doesn’t matter what they say or do, if you are unable to go to a physical address then you should NOT be using these people. More often that not, they are just middlemen who outsource all their SEO work with no vested interest in seeing your succeed. For them it’s a numbers game and their SEO methods are often dodgy and what is termed ‘black hat’. The end result is generally a website penalty from Google. So MAKE SURE THEY HAVE THEIR OWN OFFICE – not a serviced office BUT an actual space with real people doing real work.
  • Make sure they don’t try to lock you into contracts. This is a common ploy and many North Sydney companies fall victim to getting stuck into a SEO contract only to find that there is no work being done and they cannot escape from the contract without heavy penalties.
  • Don’t believe the SEO hype. There are absolutely no fast results and no guarantees. If you want to rank properly and rest easy at night then PLEASE be aware that there are no short cuts with SEO and you must be in this for the long haul – there are so many players in this space saying that they will get you on Google within 90 days. These are scams and need to be avoided.
  • If they tell you that link building and keyword optimisation is not an essential component of SEO then they are simply trying to deceive you. LINK BUILDING is very much alive and is what is going to rank your website – anything else is simply unsustainable. Call us today to go over this in more detail as this is an extremely important point of your SEO strategy. Remember we are the link building experts and this is the only way your website will ever have a chance of beating the competition!

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why use seo marketing NORTH SYDNEY
as your search engine partner

It’s a lot easier for me to put this in point form as the list is extensive BUT I will limit it to just 5 main reasons.


We have been helping businesses not just in North Sydney but Sydney wide achieve fantastic online results. We have been able to help over 500 businesses realise their full potential by helping them get on Google, achieve great rankings and sustain these rankings.


We are a no nonsense agency. We will always tell you the truth about SEO and never candy coat the reality of the SEO landscape. We are not afraid of the truth and no matter how dire your SEO rankings may be, we will always convey to you the cold hard facts.


We are 100% Australian and all the SEO work that we do on your website is completely carried out in house. From content marketing, on page SEO auditing, design, conversion rate optimisation, analytics right through to link building, all facets of your SEO campaign is handled by me and our SEO team in Sydney. Never by an unknown in a foreign land.


You never deal with a account manager or with some person who you have never met or who has little or no interest in your business. As one of the directors of SEO Marketing North Sydney you deal directly with me, one person, an owner of the business, who will be 100% responsible and totally hands on with your SEO. Call anytime I am always here. You are never put on hold and you are treated with the same good old fashioned customer service that I expect from my suppliers.


We can look at all areas of your internet marketing NOT just SEO – this means we can design web pages that are going to be more conversion focused, we can write web copy that can really push your product or service and give it a more sales orientated slant, we can manage your social media and expose your business to massive new, wider audience. Basically, we can take your business that is not performing online and transform it into a dynamic, consumer focused, sales and profit generating business that you always dreamed or hoped it would be.