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Adwords, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a great way to get instant exposure online by advertising your website on Google. You can be online, marketing to the world in less than an hour. BUT, this needs to be done properly.

It is also known as Adwords and at SEO SYDNEY MARKETING we can help you design, implement and manage a Google Adwords campaign that is going to bring in the highest amount of clicks and website traffic, at the LOWEST COST PER CLICK.


It’s fast, quick to implement and you can start promoting your business on Google within a couple of hours.

Many businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia understand that an Adwords or SEM campaign is the best way to attract new business and customers. Sure, it’s important to have an SEO strategy in place BUT businesses should seriously look at running either:

  • an Adwords campaign in conjunction with their Search Engine Optimisation – this covers both bases;  organic and paid search results.
  • an independent SEM campaign, without the headaches and worries associated with SEO – if you want quick and instant results then this is definitely the way to go!

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why use seo sydney marketing
as your google adwords partner?

It’s amazing the amount and types of mistakes businesses make when trying to do their own SEM or Adwords campaign. We see it all the time and it is a massive waste of money and lost opportunities. We see Sydney businesses wasting truck loads of their marketing budget by advertising in the Melbourne market without even knowing it. These are very common Adwords mistakes.

Businesses are literally throwing thousands of dollars out the window by not following some simple SEM Rules. We see it all the time and in some cases its just fine tuning their campaign BUT in the majority of cases your SEM campaign needs a complete overhaul and a strategy rethink.

Here at SEO SYDNEY MARKETING we focus on 1 thing and that is to generate a FANTASTIC return on our client’s investment on their search engine marketing campaign.

We DON’T want you to pay 1 dollar more than you have to and look at ways to save you money, whilst at the same time getting you more sales and more “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK”. Why throw money down the drain daily with an ADWORDS campaign that’s simply not working?

our sem adwords specialists are a proven mix of:

  • Choosing the RIGHT keywords that are going to generate the most amount of traffic
  • Writing the most unique, headline grabbing, the most HEAD TURNING EYEBALL CATCHING adverts
  • Having professional in house web designers look at your main keyword landing pages and designing them for MAXIMUM CONVERSION. Each unique product or service offering you provide needs its own unique page so that when visitors click on your ad – they then see an absolutely GORGEOUS page that will encourage them to make an inquiry.

why your business needs search engine marketing/adwords:

  • You can display your website WITHIN A COUPLE OF HOURS above all organic results. Yes! Can you believe that! You can have your website ranking above those businesses who have paid a fortune to SEO companies to be ranking organically.
  • Compete with the ‘BIG BOYS’ and get the type of new business leads you have always wanted by being placed at the top of page 1 – SEM makes this possible and makes it instant.
  • You can now become a REAL PLAYER with the bigger, more well known brands – SEM reduces the barriers to entry and allows to promote and advertise your business.
  • Promote your business immediately and start receiving online traffic. You can now level the paying field and get as many sales leads as you want.
  • If you have a new product that you want to promote, ADWORDS will get these to market quickly – forget about waiting for your rankings to rise organically. Strike quickly while the product is fresh, new and exciting and GET US TO START A SEM CAMPAIGN!
  • THE MAIN reason why, and I have left this till last, cause it’s just so important, is that SEO is just so difficult and competitive. Ranking organically on Google is a great way to also get business BUT there are so many downsides. Because you are dealing with a third party (Google) there are absolutely no guarantees or certainties in this space. You can spend an absolute fortune trying to get your website ranking and at the end of the day, you are really at the mercy of Google and what they decide. A MASSIVE WASTE OF MONEY, TIME AND LOST OPPORTUNITIES.
  • You can target as many different keywords as you like and market your business to people who are looking for your particular service. It’s an extremely targeted marketing approach and if done properly will bring in a MASSIVE POSITIVE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

If you want to bring certainty back into your marketing and have the peace of mind, knowing that your website is being seen by thousands of potential customers then SEO is the way to go.

Remember there are only 10 available spaces on the front of Google and it is a dog fight to not only get there but also to stay there. Rankings fluctuate daily and Google is always looking at ways to manipulate page results (SERP’s).

Leave that hassle behind REST EASY and go with an Adwords campaign managed by us.

our common sense approach to
pay per click and search engine marketing

We take a very business like approach by breaking your SEM down into 4 simple stages.

STAGE 1:We take a realistic approach to how much you are prepared to spend on your PPC. Some clients may want to go hard from the beginning but we try to reign this BIG SPEND tactic and advice testing the market in the first instance, measure the kind of responses you are getting and look at ways to fine tune the campaign for premium performance.

STAGE 2:We look at your current campaign’s analytics, make immediate suggestions and start implementing positive changes.

STAGE 3:We monitor your Adwords on a daily basis and make the necessary adjustments so that you are getting the absolute MAXIMUM amount of clicks through to your website.

STAGE 4:We provide monthly Adwords reports showing you a detailed analysis of your campaign.