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We generate better quality leads, more often for your business.

At SEO Sydney Marketing we have over 10 years of SEO experience helping Sydney businesses reach page 1 of Google. We have actually done this for a client recently that’s in the travel business – in fact it’s more niche than that it’s Luxury Holiday Villas in Seminyak, Bali and they have reached the fabulous position of page 1 and have been there for the page 6-8 months with little or now fluctuation. This is deemed a fantastic result due to the nature of the industry and just how competitive it is with so many existing travel sites dominating this niche. This was a fairly long process and it just didn’t happen over night and too us nearly a year to achieve this result. There are a lot of other long tail keywords that are ranking really well due to our SEO efforts. To date they are receiving about 30 000 unique visitors per month which is an amazing achievement.

We are able to rank websites responsibly and maintain these awesome rankings better than most other SEO agencies.

If you are looking for an SEO agency that is able to generate lots of great new business leads for your business through our SEO and digital strategies – then get in touch with us today on 02 9360 1694. Even better, come in for a meeting.

Helping your business succeed online

In this competitive online environment, SEO still counts, but it’s not enough. If your business is to stay competitive and be up to date with all the latest technologies, you need a agency like ours to help your business grow.

Our SEO and digital strategists are known for their ability to transform under performing websites and turn them into powerful lead generating sales tools, working hard for your business 7 days a week – Australia wide.

Do you wish you could be on page 1 of Google?

We know how to efficiently turn ranking slumps or poor website traffic results around by implementing a completely ‘white hat’ Google compliant SEO campaign. Everything we do is ‘by the book’ when it concerns your search engine optimisation.

We don’t just rank websites on Google, but also look at ways of turning online browsers into actual paying customers. We audit your website and offer constructive design advice on ways to improve the user experience and overall customer conversion rates. Our main aim is to get people to click, call and buy from you. Simple as that.

Targeted SEO strategies that deliver real results.

Yes, we can rank your website BUT we also ensure that every dollar you spend on SEO delivers you the best possible return on your investment.

Each SEO team member we employ has years of industry experience and knows the techniques and methods necessary to get your sustainable page 1 rankings.

See immediate improvements in your rankings

We understand and know that this industry has many companies that will: over promise, make false guarantees and say anything to secure your business.

Here at SEO Sydney Marketing, we make 1 promise to you and that is we will rank your website slowly, ethically and in an organic manner so that once your website is on page 1, for your main core keywords, we will maintain these results. That is real peace of mind, especially in the very volatile search engine space. Half the challenge is getting you the results you want, the other half is maintaining these. Our SEO methods evolve with Google’s algorithm changes so we know what it takes to maintain and preserve your rankings, year after year.

Do you mistrust SEO agencies?

I understand your frustration and apprehension about moving forward with another SEO company. It’s a big step and why should you trust us with your SEO?  The answers are simple:

– we don’t offer any unrealistic rankings – this is ‘spammy’ and will get you penalised by Google. Plus we never tell you that we will do your SEO for free if we cannot rank your keywords. We do not have to oversell. Our own rankings speak for themselves. What ever you do, NEVER believe those SEO agencies that are offering guarantees. These are scams and simply do not work.

– we don’t lock you into any contracts.

– we don’t blame Google for your ranking fluctuations – we take responsibility for all our SEO actions.

– you deal with one team member the whole time. You are not pushed from one person to the next.

– we know Google inside-out. Just look at our great page 1 ranking for the extremely competitive keyword SEO Sydney. Just imagine what we can do for your web rankings.

100% Sydney SEO

As a Sydney based SEO company, you are more than welcome to meet with one of our team at our office in Darlinghurst, Sydney for a detailed discussion about your SEO campaign and other digital strategies – you can be assured that we are real people in a real office that can offer your business a REAL SERVICE – There is absolutely NO OUTSOURCING WITH US.

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Why use our team for your SEO ?
  • 1 We are passionate about SEO – we  LOVE SEO – you will see this in the way we interact with you and the way we go about our job. Simple as that!
  • 2 You deal with one of the directors of SEO SYDNEY MARKETING and not an account manager – as a small business ourselves we take your SEO extremely seriously and have an extremely hands on approach with all our dealings with you – we are available all the time and we never go missing in action ( as in the case of many SEO agencies), leave you on hold, ignore emails, or forget messages – you will find our response times absolutely AMAZING.
  • 3 We have over 10 years experience in the local Sydney market – all our team members are from Sydney and have a great understanding of the local business environment. This is essential when it comes to local search on Google. This is a long time in internet years – IN FACT we can say it’s almost a lifetime. Plus we can also work on your social media marketing. This in combination with your SEO is going to bring you lots of new sales leads and drive traffic to your website.
  • 4 We have seen all the Google algorithmic updates come and go – YET all our clients are still sitting on Page 1 – these Sydney clients have been with us from the beginning and continue to use our SEO services because they WORK! Plus, they all see a massive positive return on their SEO investment month after month.
  • 5 We are generous with our time – we never treat you like a number or an account but a real person in a competitive business environment. We understand how important this is for you and we take on board all your feedback, concerns and past SEO experiences & ensure that all your past worries and concerns regarding your internet marketing are gone.
  • 6 We have in house copy writers and web designers that are able to write attention grabbing copy,combine it with great looking design that will radically improve customer conversions, which is essential when looking to out beat your competition.
  • 7 We absolutely love social media and can guide you through this often complicated process and work out the best social media platforms for your business. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google +, we know which platforms your customers are on and know exactly how to target them.
  • 8 We make the SEO process very easy to comprehend. You will see this in our first face to face meeting.
  • 9 We have an in house web designers that can make necessary changes to your website to make sure it's more Google compliant as well as making sure that your website is geared towards customer conversion rates. Our aim is to make consumers buy from your website once they find it. Our designers will transform your website into a very powerful sales and conversion focused marketing tool.
  • 10 If there are any issues you can speak to the actual people who are working on your SEO campaign. We know what’s going on with your SEO at all times. Any technical questions you have – just pick up the phone and give us a call  02 9360 1694


Since commencing with the team at SEO Sydney Marketing our sales have tripled. We tried many other SEO companies over the past years and no one could get us the kind of results we were after. If you look at our website rankings for our main keywords seminyak villas you will see we are on page 1 – such a competitive phrase! I am so grateful for the guys for doing what they actually said they would do. Great results.

Bali Villa Escapes

We were tied into a 12 month contract and getting absolutely no where with our Google rankings. Once we were finally out of the contract we got SEO Sydney Marketing to look at our website and entire online marketing. Within 6 months most of our keywords are now back on page 1. We are getting at least 3 sales leads per day.

MJ. Builders

We have been more than impressed with the level of enthusiasm and commitment in getting our website to the top of Google. The team are great at communication and keep us informed the whole time. We are now getting the type of sales leads we have always wanted. We can’t thank them enough!

Tattoo Removal Company

We suffered a Google penalty because of the bad work our previous SEO company did over the last 2 years. Steve and his team got our rankings back and we are now sitting where we used to be. We have paid a bit more than we used to, but its well worth it.

Cosmetic Surgeon Sydney

Clients we have delivered results for

Realistic SEO Pricing

Are you being offered a realistic price for your SEO campaign?

Ideally you do not want to be over paying for your SEO and at the same time you want to pay a fair price that will not only deliver exceptional SEO results but also a great return on your investment.

BE WARNED: Some SEO companies might be offering you a deal to good to be true.

That is, they are discounting their SEO services in the hope of securing your business whilst at the same time locking you into a contract.

If the price is too cheap, you can bet 100% that its being outsourced overseas or no work is being done. This is something that you need to be careful about. Sub standard SEO practices are going to cause your business huge problems due to less than ethical techniques. Cheap SEO prices often equate to scams and in 9times out of 10, your website will be penalised by Google.

Getting a Google Penalty is the last thing you need because once your website has been penalised, there is a lot of work involved in restoring your natural, organic rankings. This is a waste of time, money and lost potential revenue.

We offer SEO that gets real results

AT SEO SYDNEY MARKETING we quote a fair price for our SEO services that reflect the amount of work that we actually have to do in order to get your website ranking. We never fabricate a price out of thin air based on what we feel you can afford, but base our pricing on achieving actual realistic and measurable results based on the keywords you want to rank.

If you think you can pay next to nothing and achieve sustainable SEO rankings, then think again. The digital space, especially on Google is extremely competitive & to out rank established businesses, requires a a lot of work and effort. This is where we excel. We can ensure your site is competitive on Google at realistic prices.

We will grow your business

All our work is carried out in our Darlinghurst, Sydney office and we never ever out source any of our work. Your web design, SEO, social media & content marketing are all done by out team of digital experts.

Why not come in for a chat and speak to us about starting your SEO campaign. Its a completely FREE consultation and I can promise you that you will absolutely love what I have to say.

What’s the next step?

  • Boost Revenue

    SEO Sydney Marketing increased our sales by well over 200% in a matter of 12 months since starting the SEO campaign.

  • Drive Sales

    The amount of new business leads we have received over the last 2 months has nearly doubled. We now need 2 more staff!

  • New Business Leads

    We never thought SEO was a viable option for our business. How wrong we were. SEO Sydney Marketing brings literally 1000’s of new visitors to my website.

  • Increase Web Traffic

    Our eCommerce website was not really generating any sales. Since implementing an SEO campaign our product sales have tripled in only 8 months.

We use the latest SEO techniques that are proven to work

More clicks, more sales, more revenue

SEO changes very quickly. In fact, there are algorithmic changes that happen daily, whether large or small, the SEO landscape is forever shifting. What was working last year or the year before may not necessarily be the right solution to rank your website today. Many companies will not take these new changes on board and still use out dated ‘ black hat’, seriously detrimental SEO methods.

At SEO SYDNEY MARKETING we know all about the latest updates ( Penguin, Panda + Hummingbird) and are confident that we are implementing only the VERY LATEST SEO techniques that will not only get you to page 1 but also keep you there.


Every business needs SEO. Traditional forms and channels of marketing like Directories, Magazines and Print Media are dying if not dead. As more people look to the online world to search for products or services, YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS to be found on Google if you are going to get new business leads or more sales.

I can guarantee you that your competition will be doing this, so if you are not on board with an SEO program then you will be missing out on a results orientated and very powerful marketing medium for your business.

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